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Seminar on the death anniversary of Imam Khomeini

on June 2, A Seminar held in the cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi on the death anniversary of the founder of Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini. The topic of which was Khomeini"s Theories and thoughts. The seminar was chaired by Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi while Asif Luqman Qazi was the chief guest. The religious leaders of different mindset highlighted the personality and ideology of Imam Khomeini in the seminar. The program started with the reciting Quran. The general Director of cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi Ali aghanouri presented the welcome address of the sermon while described out the different points of Imam Khomeini"s personality. In which the most important points was sincerity and trustworthiness upon God. And because of the love and love of the people the Islamic revolution was successful and then it was possible for the conspiracy, sanctions, and rebellions that were against him. Imam Khomeini emphasized on the Islamic unity. They considered unity is honor for Muslims. The unity is only way to end of difficulties facing Muslims. Imam Khomeini declared last Friday of Ramadan as Quds day in support of Palestine so raise your voice against Zionist oppression.
Allama Syed Sajjad Ali Naqvi said that the personality of Imam Allama Syed Sajjad Ali Naqvi said that the personality of Imam Khomeini was awesome and he was at high level. Awakening in the world and also promoted Muslim unity. In particular, enemy Islamists made conspiracy in Pakistan and tried to cross the unity but they were all suffering from failure. After the success of the revolution we were delivered congratulations to Iran. All the statements of Imam Khomeini were meant to promote unity. His follower Syed Ali Khamanei, is a follow the same thought. They declare prohibited of the sacred places of Muslims. We have created various platforms to promote unity in Pakistan. Imam Khomeini tells us the way of successful, best and respectful life.
Mohammad Abdullah Gull highlighted the life of Imam and said that he was world great leader. Who surpassed the world of awareness of the Islamic world. He also declared America as Shaitan e Bazurg. I went to the personal house of Imam Khomeini, which is located in Jamaran. The great man lived so simpler and millions of people follow him. Millions of people joined their funeral. The Imam"s personality is so great that such programs should be done in different places. He defeated a big dictator. The enemies of Pakistan and Iran are always failures. The differences are actually the conspiracy of enemies of Islam. Imam Khomeini was a gift and blessing from God who rescued Muslims from all religions.
Allama Arif Hussain Wahedi said that Imam Khomeini failed the conspiracies of enemies. The victims of the oppressed, a great teacher and profession assisted. Imam Khomeini"s movement was attempted by failing with a professional split that could not succeed. Iran has always played role in the support of Palestine. America and Zionist and their supporters were Satanic Triangle. Today The importance of Quds is more than before.
Hafiz Mohammad Iqbal Rizvi said that Imam Imam Khomeini is lightly illuminated in our hearts. He conveyed the message of peace. The failure of the enemies created by enemies of Islam made Muslims a pillar-mounted wall. And Qudus is the result of the same unity that is celebrated throughout the world.
Omar Riaz Abbasi said that Imam Khomeini has learned from the Prophet.Follow their Sunnah and promote unity. Imam Khomeini thought that he could stop the path of fasting and defeat them. I studied several books of Imam Khomeini and got acquainted with their ideas. Imam Khomeini raised the issue of Palestine first time in the world.Imam attracted Muslims to pay attention to their problems.
Allama Iftikhar Hussain Jafri said that we cannot say all about imam khomeinie in just words. His ideas were not limited to one area but their concern was global. That"s why they are counted as global leader. The enemies of Islam tried hard to stop the revolution and movement, but failed. Imam Khomeini had linked his movement with Karbala that is why this movement is still continuing.
The last speaker Asif Luqman Qazi, started with some poetry of Molana Room that Imam Khomeini is the name of the illiterate person of the Islamic world. In the heart of Allama Iqbal"s heart was the pain of the unity of the nation khomeini also considered the biggest issue of the muslim is differences. That"s why they always talked about unity. It is necessary that we treat his ideas as a pattern. At the end of this seminar served food and dinner. Sahar TV and sada wa sima TV coverage of the seminar.

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