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• Ramadan: A Month to Reinforce the Inner Bastion

Islam, the final code for human salvation, commemorates each year the revelation of its main corpus of laws in a unique manner. When one ponders on a matter, the effectiveness of his mediation is dependent on the conceptual framework of his thought but thought itself is concentration minus distraction. It is with this specific insight that Islam prescribes a spiritual refurbishing and replenishing of the "inner garrison". If the army of distraction, the army of the devil is allowed to be continually reinforced, then we allow Satan to lurk dangerously. “ He said: since you have let me wander off, I’ll waylay them along Your Straight Road; then I’ll come at them from in front of them and from behind them, on their right and on their left. You will not find that most of them are grateful.”(The Holy Qur’an, 7: 16-17) • Whatever enters our consciousness is either through inspiration or temptation. In the battle between the angelic forces and the demonic, man must strengthen the divine forces if he wishes to be saved from damnation. He must follow Allah"s prescription. Allah in His infinite Mercy has given us Ramadan to renew our treatment. He has recommended fasting and other supererogatory acts of devotion, charitableness and benignity. But why fasting? So that you may become fortified! That is those who are on guard against evil (Taqwa). “And any soul and whatever had fashioned it and filled it with both its debauchery and its sense of duty!”(The Holy Qur’an, 91: 7-8) • This does not make fasting and the acquisition of Taqwa a means and an end. Taqwa is not a static "air of piety’;rather it is an armour for our soul"s fortress to ward off Satan and an inner sharpness for us to smell the sweet fragrance of Guidance which we must implement. Implementation of Allah"s law is not to be limited to individuals but one should ensure an environment which will not conflict with our inner values. Any strong person can abstain from food and other basics from pre-dawn to post-sunset but it takes a Muslim to realize that his hunger is only the first stage of his climbing off the wheel of everyday life which like the earth it spins so fast, we can"t even detect it. Ramadan is a time for introspection and evaluation all those deeds of ours which the Satan make fair seeming. Here is a time to pause and be reminded that you have paused, by your hunger. If one does not reflect on his lapses not only is one in danger but he may even become oblivious of his lapses. This very oblivion is the antithetical state to Taqwa. Allah wants to make you cognizant. This cognition is also Taqwa. He who is cognizant will be on guard. God says in the Qur’an: “... It is even better for anyone who can volunteer some wealth; although it is better yet for you to fast, if you only knew.” (The Holy Qur’an, 2: 184). Would you fast this year conscious of its true perspective? If you do then when you strengthen your armour, use it as the early Muslims did.

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