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The “Second Phase of the Revolution” Statement addressed to the Iranian nation
On the Occasion of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution. February 11, 2019 In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, upon his pure and immaculate household, upon his chosen companions and upon those who follow them in charity until the Day of Judgment.
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Imam Khameneis Message to the Pilgrims of Hajj 2018
In the Name of God, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful, All Praise is due to Allah, and greetings upon His Messenger Al-Mustafa and upon his pure and righteous household, and the best of his companions Allah the Elevated said: "Call people for hajj — an act of worship accomplished by visiting the sacred sites in Mecca." They will come on foot and on lean camels from all the distant quarters. To see their benefits, commemorate the name of God during the appointed days…" {Quran: 22: 27&28}
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US Foreign Policy in Crisis
By: Mohammad Javad Zarif Minister for foreign affairs of Iran. In an article published early Thu., Iranian FM Mohammad Javad Zarif outlined aspects of the current US foreign policy that are detrimental to the entire international community, and a list of rightful demands of the Iranian people from the US, in response to Mike Pompeos 12 preconditions for Iran. Following the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Climate Accord, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is the third multilateral agreement that the current United States administration has withdrawn from. The administration has also put in jeopardy other multilateral arrangements such as NAFTA, the global trade system, and parts of the United Nations system, thus inflicting considerable damage to multilateralism, and the prospects for resolving disputes through diplomacy.
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The Rezavi Exhibition held in Rawalpindi
In connection to birth anniversary of Imam Ali Reza and Dah e Karamat a exhibition held in Rawalpindi Arts council in which had 80 pictures of Rezavi culture. The exhibition was inaugurated in the presence of director of cultural center of Iran Mr. Bahram Kian, Miss Naheed Manzoor which is the founder of Rawalpindi Arts council, Miss Masooma Zahra The chair person of organization, director of RAC Mr. Waqar and students of Arts Council. Miss Naheed appreciated this cultural affliction of the Iranian furry in Rawalpindi she also said that this exhibition is a mixture beauty.
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Birth anniversary of Imam Ali Raza a.s
On 21 July 2018 in connection the birth anniversary of Imam Ali Raza a.s a ceremony held in Fatima masque Rawalpindi. The director of cultural center of Islamic Republic of Iran has said that purpose of prayer, fasting, charity and welfare affairs and also this ceremony is to get blessing of GOD. Allama Mohammad amin shaheedi has said that Imam Raza a.s is the son of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). Today we need to show their personality as a pattern. The poet Khurram Khaleeq presented his poetry in this ceremony.
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The program of Masnavi held in Cultural center of Iran Rawalpindi
On 5th July 2018 the program of masnavi held in cultural center of Iran Rawalpindi. This program is organized by the iftikhar organization. In which director of cultural center and ,a number of people who living in Rawalpindi and Persian language teacher and students attended this program. In this program the first part of the masnavi is read in Persian and as well as translated into Urdu.
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The Director of the Cultural center of Iran met with the Director of Arts Council Rawalpindi
On 9th July 2018 The Director of the Cultural center of Islamic Republic of Iran met with the Director of Rawalpindi Arts council Mr. Waqar Ahmed. On this occasion Mr. Bahram Kian has says thanks to Waqar Ahmed & said that for the last few years, Rawalpindi Art Council is arranging artistic programs along with cultural center of Iran Rawalpindi which is not possible without your efforts. And for the future cultural center of Iran is looking forward to consulting the director Rawalpindi Art Council to start new creative and cultural and artistic programs. So we can be highlighting the artistic things in Rawalpindi city.
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The Director of the Cultural center of Iran met with the scholar of the Sunnah
On 5th July 2018 The Director of the Cultural center of Islamic Republic of Iran met with the scholar of Sunnah pir Naqeeb ur Rehman. Pir Naqeeb ur Rehman welcomed to the guests and expressed their love for Iran and Iranian peoples. He said that our relations are good with all the ambassadors and directors who coming from Iran. Pir Naqeeb ur Rehman said that there has been a lot of invitation to go to Iran, but the journey could not be successful yet. He said that Iran is a holy land where is shrine of the sons of the Prophet Imam Reza A.S. And I am very convinced for respect of this land.
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The inauguration of new Persian language classes
On 2nd July 2018 the inaugural ceremony of new Persian classes held in cultural center of Islamic Republic of Iran Rawalpindi. Director-General of cultural center of Iran Mr. Bahram Kian , Muzaffar Ali Kashmiri , Musharraf Jafri , Masooma Batool and all students of Persian language attended this ceremony.Masooma Batool was the graduate student from Cultural Center of Iran Rawalpindi who are currently doing MA in Persian. She said thanks to the Iranian cultural center and Sade Foundation who always cooperated for the development of Persian and literature.
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Seminar on the death anniversary of Imam Khomeini
on June 2, A Seminar held in the cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi on the death anniversary of the founder of Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini. The topic of which was Khomeinis Theories and thoughts. The seminar was chaired by Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi while Asif Luqman Qazi was the chief guest. The religious leaders of different mindset highlighted the personality and ideology of Imam Khomeini in the seminar. The program started with the reciting Quran. The general Director of cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi Ali aghanouri presented the welcome address of the sermon while described out the different points of Imam Khomeinis personality.
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The Day of Persian language and Hakeem abu’l-Qasim Firdowsi
On 15th May a literary conference held in cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi in collaboration of Persian and Hakeem abu’l-Qasim firdowsi. Teachers, scholars, intellectuals and Persian students attended this conference. The ceremony was chaired by Professor Ahsan Akbar. After the reciting of Holy Quran Mr.Ali aghanouri congratulated to the students about the day and said that Persian is our national language but this also second largest language of the Islamic world and Persian is the head of knowledge, cultural and literature. The Persian language has inspired its famous Sufi and famous poets like Firdowsi, Hafiz, Saadi and Molana and the poetry of these poets are filled with spirituality.
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Two days Iranian Film Festival in the Murree Arts Council
On 9th May, Wednesday two days of Iranian Film Festival started in the murree arts Council in the presence of Director Ali aghanouri. On the first day, film Rukh e Dewana screened which was dubbed in Urdu. Before the start film, fans were told about the introduction of the movie and also highlighted the movie features and Iranian film history.
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Seminar on the title of Imam Mahdi in Rawalpindi
Seminar on the title of Imam Mahdi held in cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi with the collaboration on literary organization iblagh. In this program included Allama Syed Sajjad Kazmi, Director of Albaseera Saqib Akbar, Molana amin shaheedi and university of academics, scholars and religious scholars attended the program. The beginning of the program was recited by the Holy Quran and Nat. Professor Shahbaz Abbasi said that the belief of Mahdi against Injustice in view of Khamenei. Thats why mehdiwiyat is the power that will be put in front of the Injustice.
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Shahbaan Ceremony in Cultural center of Iran Rawalpindi
on the occasion of Shahbaan a celebration ceremony held in cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi. After recitation, Director-General Ali aghanouri welcomed the guest gratitude and congratulated and expressed their views about Hazrat Imam Hussain, Hazrat Abul Fazl Abbas and Hazrat Imam Sajjad. He described the virtue of holy month of shahbaan this is the month of prayer and blessings for Ramadan. Allama Kalb e Abbas said that the one who loves Imam Hussein God and the Messenger loves them. Imam Hussein was chosen by GOD. The prophet and his ahl e bait offered sacrifices for Islamic religion. He said about Hazrat abbas that he was a very proud person and emotions were devoted.
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Iranian cultural stall participated in Rawal international Expo
The cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi has participated in Rawal International Expo 2018. In this stall cultural book, handy craft, Iran travel books, Tourist and artistic photographs and famous observer’s literary and famous poets was available. The booklets, maps, photos and movies based on the introduction of various cities of Iran have been the focus of people and most of them were presented as a gift. Provincial Minister Trade and industry Malik Pervez inaugurated and thanked to Irans participation as the source of the promotion of relations between the two countries.
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