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Shahbaan Ceremony in Cultural center of Iran Rawalpindi

on the occasion of Shahbaan a celebration ceremony held in cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi. After recitation, Director-General Ali aghanouri welcomed the guest gratitude and congratulated and expressed their views about Hazrat Imam Hussain, Hazrat Abul Fazl Abbas and Hazrat Imam Sajjad. He described the virtue of holy month of shahbaan this is the month of prayer and blessings for Ramadan.
Allama Kalb e Abbas said that the one who loves Imam Hussein God and the Messenger loves them. Imam Hussein was chosen by GOD. The prophet and his ahl e bait offered sacrifices for Islamic religion. He said about Hazrat abbas that he was a very proud person and emotions were devoted. Talking on the role of media in the cultural heritage of Islam, saying that Western media publishes false news and news based on lies. The media and the Islamic unity will play role in the promotion of Islam. He honored the unity of Imam Khomeini and Syed Ali Khamenei. Muhammad Rafiq Mughal recite manqabat for imam hussain. Allama Haider Alawi said that Imam Hussain gave life to Islam. They were devoted to this great privilege by the Lord. This function is actually introduction the family of prophet. In the month of Sha"ban, the interpretation of Imam Hussein as surah kosar . Prophet Islam ordered to do love to his ahl e bait. They highlighted the worship of Imam Sajjad. He declared Imam Mehdi as the star of starvation and focused on preparing them for their appearance.
Allah Hasan gardaizi quoted Hadith about imam hussain a.s from ahl e sunnat books. The declared Imam Hussein as a boat of salvation and the lamp of Hidaya. Imam Hussein is a unity and unity in the Islamic State. All Muslims together celebrate birth and sahadat.
Allama Arif Hussain Wahidi said all such progremes and ceremonies are also aware of the nature of the Prophet and his family also described the virtue of imam hussain a.s from the books of ahl e sunnah and said that There is no war between Shi"a and sunni This is the conspiracy of enemies only. He urged the youth to study about Imam Hussein. Create a love for the dua of Nahjul balagha and the sahifa e sajjadia So that the propaganda of the West could not mislead them.They can play a role in improving social reform.
This ceremony attended by academic, literary, religious figures and students.

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