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Seminar on the title of Imam Mahdi in Rawalpindi

Seminar on the title of Imam Mahdi held in cultural center of Islamic republic of Iran Rawalpindi with the collaboration on literary organization iblagh. In this program included Allama Syed Sajjad Kazmi, Director of Albaseera Saqib Akbar, Molana amin shaheedi and university of academics, scholars and religious scholars attended the program. The beginning of the program was recited by the Holy Quran and Nat. Professor Shahbaz Abbasi said that the belief of Mahdi against Injustice in view of Khamenei. That"s why mehdiwiyat is the power that will be put in front of the Injustice. And will support oppressed class.
Director of cultural center of Iran ali Aghanouri congratulated on the occasion and said that we have good news about imam mehdi in Quran and Hadith. And it has also been said that he will be from Hazrat Fatima family. He said that the waiting for the appearance of Imam Mehdi is due to the world and the way of salvation. AghaNouri said that the real wait is that the purpose of which Imam implies for the purpose, consider this purpose and encourage yourself.
Allama Syed Sajjad Hussain Kaszmi congratulated about the great day and said the belief (Mehdi)is a common between both the shia and the Sunnah. And thay have considerable number of Hadiths and respectbook about this topic. They referring to the Hadith of Prophet (SAW), said in which you said that Whoever dies without the knowledge of his imam he died with Ignorant. Professor Tariq Ejaz said today the topic is very important. So let us know how to study the greatness and history of mehdi a.s. He said that Imam Mahdi (AS) is the Imam who the world is waiting for the him, and will come and rescue them from oppression and cruelty. Professor Tariq said that most scholars of the Sunnah are convinced that Imam Mahdi (AS) will show.
Professor Tanvir Haider, Director of Communication, thanked the guests and congratulating them, he discribed his views in terms of the appearance of Imam Mehdi.
Director of Albaseera Saqib Akbar said that both shia and sunnah is agreed on the imam mahdi personality. He said before your birth, Allah introduce yourself to the Quran.
Allama Amin Shihadi said that the Islamic world is united on the topic of Mahdi. And just a few people oppose it. He said that enemies of Islam are therefore propaganda against belief in Mahdi because they say that the appearance of Imam is a threat to them. He further added that the West is in full effort. That can be rejected by the ideology. You strongly encourage to know about propaganda of on Islam and said the create the way for imam mahdi.

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