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National Day of Persian Poetry and Literature held in Pakistan

Iran’s National Day of Persian Poetry and Literature and death anniversary of great Persian poet Shahriar were observed in Pakistani cities of Quetta and Lahore.

September 18, the death anniversary of the Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizو mainly known by his pen name Shahriar, has been named the National Day of Persian Poetry and Literature in Iran with the approval of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.


In this regards a cultural gathering was held in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan Province, with the presence of Hassan Darvishvand, the consul general of Iran.


Well-known personalities of Pakistan"s Balochistan including writers, poets, university professors, students, and members of the media praised the strong cultural and historical commonalities between the two neighbors, especially the similarities between Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran and Balochistan Province of Pakistan on the need for effective measures to promote. They emphasized the culture and customs between the people of the two countries.


In this literary conference, Darvishvand thanked several professors and poets of Persian in Balochistan Province by presenting a plaque of appreciation.


Pakistani thinkers highlighted the deep roots of Persian language and literature in Balochistan Province and their historical affinity with Iran.


The consul general of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Quetta, referring to the deep roots of the common literature and culture of Pakistan, especially the Province of Balochistan with Iran, said that the deep and common language and culture is the inseparable link between the two countries.


Meanwhile an event was also held by the Iranian cultural center to observe the National Day of Persian Poetry and Literature in Lahore, Pakistan"s cultural hub .


The Muslim people of Pakistan, as lovers of the Persian Language, always speak of Hafez, Saadi, Iqbal Lahori, and other great Persian speakers in various circles - factors that are the axis of bond and love between the two neighboring nations.


Pakistani officials, from higher education institutions to academics and thinkers, have always stressed the need to promote Persian language, culture, and literature in order to further deepen relations between the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan.


Earlier the president and prime minister of Pakistan have shown deep respect for Persian Language and stressed the need to expand it in order to preserve the common heritage of the nations of the region.


If the British had not come to India in the 19th century, we would not have needed a translator, we all spoke Persian, said Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on the importance of Persian Language in the subcontinent during his first official visit to Iran. 


Persian has been the official language of the subcontinent for about six hundred years.


In fact, promoting Persian Language education in Pakistan, a country that has many similarities with the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially in the field of culture, history, religion, and society, is an effective step in understanding the common culture and civilization of the two countries.

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