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The Most Important Dimension of the Islamic Revolution

Cultural aspect is the most important and the principal aspect of Islamic revo­lution. 

This revolution, fortunately, started as a cultural movement. It was due to the reason that in the last few years we had successfully changed this aspect of our collective entity and our political system. Other revolutions do, of course, begin with a certain specific cultural note; but this Islamic Revolution of ours has surpassed all other revolu­tions in this regard. We may rightfully attribute its victory to the predominant Islamic spirit of self‑sacrifice and wish for martyrdom among our people. As long as this had not happened victory was impossible. Will it not be a great tragedy if this revolution, which is the result of a cultural movement, should transform itself into something other than what it was at its birth? Unless we guard it with great care this victory can any time change into something else. It is our responsibi­lity that every one of us should resolve never to lose the sight of the main thread of our cultural movement. I hope, with every day that passes, we will find ourselves more and more advanced in this direction. I hope we shall utilize the alchemy of God's remembrance to transform our behavior and manners, speech and thought, morals and sensibili­ties, everything , in the direction pointed out by Islam, the Qur’an, the sunnah, and the Islam of leadership that inspired our constitution. Insha' Allah.

Here I have a word of caution for the young and the middle‑aged persons, who constitute the bulk of the active generation, never to assume that you cannot change yourselves on account of age. Accord­ing to the logic of the Qur’an, no one is ever too old. One of the most sublime Islamic principles regards man as a being who is always in ‑the process of becoming. From the very first day of his life to its last, a man is always in the process of development and change; a state similar to that of an ever‑changing fluid. The Qur’an says in this regard:

Say, `O my servants! Who have been prodigal against yourselves, do not despair of Allah's mercy; surely Allah forgives the sins altogether, surely He is the All‑forgiving and the All‑compassionate.' (39:53)

Thus, it is desirous of all the middle‑aged and the elderly people to be active and determined in the support of the cultural revolution and resolved to cultivate the manners and attitudes according to the Divine system. Their behavior and the relationship of the people with one another, everything, should be according to the Divine spirit and con­genial to the sense of Divine duty and God's remembrance. And if it is felt that our condition has not improved much, and old faults still persist here and there, we should admit that our inner cultural revolu­tion has not progressed to the desired degree of profundity.

Indeed, if the cultural revolution with its philosophical dimension, and its dimensions of consciousness and world‑outlook as its basic elements, is expected to advance, it should lead the individual and society, both, in the direction of the Qur’anic and Islamic ideal. Instead of contemplating everything in the selfish and narrow terms of personal conformity and discord, or dignity and indignity, people should attune themselves to evaluate their life, choices and deeds in the broader pers­pective of the Qur’an and Islam. They should erase such imaginary pre­sumptions from their minds as were prevalent during the pre‑revolution days.

Perpetuation of the Revolution 

If we examine the extent of the advancement of our revolution, we shall notice that we still have a very long way to go. In fact it would be found vital for the life of Islam and the Revolution that it should continue perpetually and indefinitely into the future. And other such problems should be given supplementary and secondary importance. Our main and principal aim should be to maintain our administration, politics, our armed forces, our production and commercial activities, export and import in subser­vience to the Islamic ideal. Everything should be subordinated to the Islamic essence, to Islamic consciousness and the Islamic perspective. If we neglect the sovereignty of the Islamic world‑outlook over all the aspects of our existence, our revolution is likely to fall into jeopardy.

Wa al S'alam

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