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Parvin Etesami

Famous Iranian poetess
(9 March 1906–1941)
Parvin was the daughter of Yusuf E’tesami Ashtiani (a.k.a E’tesam ol-Molk). Born in 9 March1906 in Tabriz, she studied at an American Girls College in Iran. She is considered the greatest Iranian poetess ever. Although she had a short life, she became famous after her works were published. She died in 1941 by typhus at the age of 35, and was buried in Qom, Iran.
In her short life, she managed to achieve great fame amongst Iranians. She was well respected in all circles of life, not just because of her brilliant and revolutionary works, but for her refined manners and the free spirit that she possessed.
Parvin started her poetry career at the young age of 9. She developed a style for expressing people’s pain by making comparisons to natural events. The political events in Iran had a great influence on her way of writing. One of her remarkable series, calledDrunk and Aware, won admiration from everyone involved in romantic poetry in Iran.
Parvin is considered the greatest Persian poetess of the Persian classical style. Loneliness and seclusion from social activities - the lot of almost all Iranian women in her day - added to the sad experiences of a sensitive and tender soul and made her the most sincere voice of cruelty of the rulers and wealthy landlords. She knew of the corruption of the leading authorities in the judiciary and in the clergy. Her work, about 210 poems reflects the reality of life in her day and offers moral solutions. 

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