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Master Ali Asghar Tajvidi

Ali Asghar Tajvidi was born in 1327 (Shamsi) in Fassa. He finished his elementary educations there and went to Tehran to continue his studies.

In 1352m he began to study visual Arts in University of fine Arts in Tehran. In 1356 he graduated, attaining the first rate in position.

From his very childhood, he loved arts. His source of creativity at first was the beautiful nature. He, at first, began on drawing.

After getting experience in the field of painting, he faced Miniature, Iranian authentic painting and did his best in mastering this field. During his studies, he benefited the presence of the great artisan of the time, Mahmoud Farshchian.

Beside this, Tajvidi got experience in other fields such as oil painting and music. His acquaintance with the history of arts has had live effect in his vast vision to standardize his system, and caused his to employ his skills for the Iranian favorite painting-Miniature.

Tajvidi works have been derived from Iranian traditional culture, history and literature.

Besides selecting literal and historical motifs, he has benefited from religious subject matters, as well and has attempted some of his work.

While he has paid attention to pure traditional meaning of his art; by promoting normal moulds and creating new systems, he has employed expansibility of Iranian painting to express artistic thoughts and goals.

Tajvidi has already taken part in several personal and public exhibitions such as public exhibition of contemporary museum of arts and Niavaran culture gallery in Tehran and University of Shiraz exhibition and Vessal Art Gallery in Shiraz and has been successful in all of them.

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